Sunday Lunch Club

We often meet in Croydon to have a pub lunch together, usually on the 3rd Sunday of the month (but this can vary because of Bank Holidays and other events so always check our current Programme)

We are always looking for friendly, welcoming and accessible venues that offer an affordable lunch for our Members; preferably fairly central in Croydon or at least near good public transport . For many years we met at the Milan Bar but that has sadly recently closed. We have also met at the Market Tavern and more recently at The Porter and Sorter.

We now find that pubs want us to choose from a menu in advance and to pay a deposit in advance. This means we now need Members to still pay if they book but don’t turn up.

Pub closures and price increases all make arranging the Lunch Club more challenging, but we are committed to keeping the Club going as so many Members enjoy meeting in the way.

In the Summer, hopefully with better weather, we may sometime suggest a picnic as an alternative to meeting for a pub lunch, but this will be announced in the Programme.


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