Proposal to 2020 AGM for revised Constitution – Explanation from the Trustees

The Constitution is the set of rules that say how we run Croydon Contacts. Every Charity must have one. Our Constitution has not been changed for many years but the way we run things has changed a bit over the years, so the Trustees are now suggesting some changes in the Constitution to bring it into line with what we do should. We don’t think these are big changes, but any change to the Constitution has to be approved by the members at an Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is why we have this on the AGM agenda on 29th August

What do want to change, and why?
To make it clearer that:

  • Croydon Contacts operates mainly to support people with learning disabilities and that members have to be aged 18 or over.
  • People who have a ‘connection’ with Croydon can be members, as well as people who actually live in Croydon.
  • Trustees will let members know about their discussions and decisions for example by publicising notes (‘minutes’) of meetings
  • Members can have a say in how Croydon Contacts is working, for example by us setting up a small users group to represent
    members’ views

There are also a few other changes in wording to bring the Constitution up to date. We are sorry but Constitutions have to be written in rather long winded and legal language!

The proposed Constitution can be viewed here. Please note; the new words which we want to include are highlighted in yellow and the old words which we want to remove are shown as crossed-out.