Cinema Club

Sunday 3rd March 2019

Film: The Kid Who Would Be King

Alex is a regular school boy, dealing with the mundane everyday challenges that all 12-year-olds face. But his worries become a thing of the past when he discovers Excalibur – the most powerful sword in history. Upon his discovery, Alex is thrust into a world of magic, chaos and evil as he learns of the medieval sorceress, Morgana (Rebecca Ferguson), and her plot to take over the world. It is up to Alex and his new-found power to stop her. Alongside the legendary Merlin (Patrick Stewart), Alex must gather his school friends and foes together, putting aside their differences to become knights of the round-table. Alex is just a kid, but equipped with the precious sword, and the help of his new army, he might just be able to defeat the destructive Morgana and save the world. Click here for the trailer


The film will cost members £7.99.

Meeting Time

We will ask members to meet at the cinema at 9.15am and it should be finished by about 12pm.

Cinema: Vue Croydon Grant’s, 14 High Street, Croydon, CR0 1GT


Please call the office on 07999 866 680 on the Thursday or Friday before 5pm, for full information and to book a place.

Why not join us afterwards for Sunday Lunch Club?

Lunch club will start at about 12.15pm at The Market Tavern (opposite the Green Dragon) and I would hope that everyone will have eaten by circa 2pm.

Address: Market Tavern, 1-4 Surrey Street, CR0 1RG.

A main course plus a drink will cost members £7.00.