About Us

Mission Statement

Croydon Contacts supports adults with learning disabilities and/or special needs to actively participate in their local community, by offering them the opportunity to join a range of supported leisure and recreational activities. We are well established and experienced so members and carers can feel confident when attending our activities.



Croydon Contacts – filling a vital gap

  • Most people with a learning disability live in the community; in ordinary housing; in supported living; or with their families, – supported by their relatives. Although many people with a learning disability attend college, have jobs, or go to various kinds of day care, it is not easy to find suitable and accessible leisure activities, especially at weekends, so there is a risk of isolation and loneliness.
  • As well as offering activities for members, we aim to support and reassure carers; all our activities are carefully planned and risk – assessed. Many members attend without carers or support staff, but we do ask that some people are supported by carers at events where we think this is necessary for everyone’s safety.
  • We keep costs down so that activities are as affordable as possible; we can do this because of time given by unpaid Trustees and volunteers. Sometimes we can provide a modest subsidy from our funds to keep charges low but this is becoming more challenging as the venues we visit are often increasing their prices
  • Some events have been running for a number of years. We find many people enjoy and are reassured by the regularity and familiarity of a dependable monthly activity – with a friendly, club-like atmosphere (and new people are always welcome).
  • Most of our activities take place on Saturdays or Sundays when there often aren’t other activities. All activities are attended by at least some of our Trustees and other volunteers.
  • To take part in Croydon Contacts, Members pay a very small annual charge (currently £10) to cover our administration/overhead costs. As we don’t have paid staff or office costs, we are able to keep these as low as we can

Can you help?

It is many years since we received any funding from statutory sources.

We receive some generous charitable donations but can always use more! By carefully controlling expenditure we are confident we can maintain our activities for the foreseeable future, but we do need to attract more funds if we are to survive in the medium/longer term.

We also need more volunteers and trustees with energy and enthusiasm to support our existing activities and help us develop new projects.

So…..  If you can help us with a donation, or can offer your time as a volunteer and/or as a trustee, please contact us at:

07999 866 680 or [email protected]


Christine Head – Chairperson

Lizzie Penny -Trustee

Ken Morcombe -Trustee

Laura Pearmund, Trustee

Frank Pearmund, Trustee

James Savory, Trustee

Jon Head – Secretary and acting Treasurer