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Urgent Announcement from Croydon Contacts

Because of Coronavirus and recent advice from the Government, the Trustees of Croydon Contacts have reluctantly decided to cancel all our planned events for the rest of March and April – that includes our Drama Show on 28 th March; Bowling on 29 th March; Cinema and Lunch Club on 5th April; and Bowling on 19 th April.
After Easter, we will review our future events for May-onwards in the light of what we are then being told about the virus and the Government’s latest advice.
The Drama Club has been cancelled immediately for the rest of this term, and all members of the Club have been told. We know the Drama Club have been working hard on their new performance this term and are disappointed that they can’t present it on the 28th, but this is just a postponement and the show will be performed as soon as we can safely arrange it.
We won’t be able to restart the Club immediately after Easter, but we will do our very best to get everything back to normal as soon as possible.
We have made these decisions with sadness as we know how much our members enjoy our various activities and how they offer chance to meet together and socialise. We will think about other ways to keep in contact with everyone and to offer some reassurance over this difficult and uncertain period. People are still welcome to call us on the Croydon Contacts phone – 07999 866680- for more information or just for a chat.
We are contacting all our members, families and carers by text, email or letter to let them know about this, but please pass this information to anyone else who needs to know
With our very best wishes
Trustees of Croydon Contacts – Christine, Emanuel, Jon, Ken and Lizzie

Welcome to Croydon Contacts

Croydon Contacts is a Croydon-based, registered charity that provides a platform to assist adults (over-18s) with disabilities and/or special needs to actively participate in their local community.
We run safe, subsidised staffed events for our members, run by a core group of volunteer trustees – elected by the members.
We have events such as: weekly drama classes; Bowling, Cinema & Lunch clubs; Summer BBQs; day trips to local museums & parks; visiting local pantomimes & musicals and (this year) a one-off day trip to France.
We’d love you to come and join us!

We’d like to thank members, parents, carers and friends for their continued support and those who freely give up so much of their time. Without their dedicated voluntary support, events just would not happen.

See you soon,

The Trustees

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